Feed Back from Kaitlynn Cottlin about  El Lado Oscuro del Sueño Americano

As the culmination to a meaningful day spent learning about farmworker issues, Phillip Sander’s Capstone project was a powerful conclusion to the Farmworker Immersion Project. The actors were engaging, lively, and performed their roles incredibly well, improvising as needed and working alongside each other in harmony. Philip displayed maturity, grace and humility as he worked with other students to gain insight and perspective in order to create a culturally-relevant performance. I enjoyed the act very much and look forward to attending future performances directed by Phillip.  -Kaitlynn Cottlin

What are steps you can take now or in the future to help address one of these issues?

“I can help advocate via experience but I can use the experience to advocate for another group of  people that need attention”

“Being aware, and speaking up to support those that might be too scared to speak up! (based on politics)”

“Hard Work Equals Success!”

“Take into consideration farm workers, the struggle of picking in hellish heat”

“One voice can move a mountain when the passion for change is present in the individual. It’s about speaking up for those who have no voice”

“I am interested in becoming involved with House Farmworkers, and to fight for their rights.”

“Become more involved through groups/projects in the community”

“Appreciate the food I eat”

“Don’t ignore the problem, be apart of the solution”

What is one thing you learned about agriculture, farm workers and housing/health that you didn’t know before?

” I learned how hard working farm workers are and most importantly how humble they are”

“Working in the fields is harder then you think. It looks easy but actually experiencing it  makes you appreciate it even better. There needs to be more advocates. It raises an appreciation and takes knowledge to make a change in the world.”

What stands out the  most for you about what you have experienced today?

“The student has a mindset of what is being learnt at the lecture times but actually experiencing first hand service learning and what goes on when we are at school learning is an eye opening experience. It gives us a sense of reality.”

“I love learning about other experiences that are unfamiliar and taken for granted as we go about our daily lives”

“The importance of programs to create awareness of farm labor & agriculture in Ventura County. There is a huge need for advocacy. This project was an eye opening experience from labor at Reiter Farms to a farmworkers home; getting the full story was amazing.”

“The struggles the Chicano community went through in the farmworking industry, especially the labor.

Please share a quote with us about today.

“Today was a day I will never forget because I had the opportunity to experience the type of work that my parents and grandparents performed for many years of their life”