Past Event- Original Acto for Farmworker Immersion Project.


For this project, my group of writers/actors wrote/performed an original Acto that you may have seen in Luis  Valdez’s El Teatro Campensino troupe during the Delano Grape Strike but relatable to today’s issues. El Teatro Campensino used real farm workers to tell their real stories. This capstone project was created  to do the same thing by using real people who had the cultural background and experience along with the initiative and desire to take a stand against the problems they were seeing in order to make a societal change. That change could be affordable housing, being treated better by the community, ext. We planned to make this event look as possible as we could to a union rally by performing on a truck  lent to us by Prof. Luna.


Friday April 7th, 4:00-4:30 pm. CALL TIME 3:00


California State University Channel Islands in front of Central Mall


Director, Co-writer, Prop/Stage Manager: Phillip Sanders

Support Team: Kaitlyn Cotton from Center for Community Engagement and Pillar Pacheco of the Farm Worker Immersion Project along with Prof. Margarita López of Spanish 490

Writers/Actors:  Spanish 490 Class: Brenda Hernandez, Noemi Garcia, Pamela Pérez, Rey David Pérez, Sandra Bravo and Stephanie Martinez

Documentation: Alex and Grace


To spread awareness of  problems farm workers and Chicano/a’s  are facing today. I  talked with several students that have lived in other countries and who have Hispanic backgrounds. They personally told me their concerns with immigration reform, finding affordable housing, and attending a school where they are the only ones who speak Spanish. I also heard stories of workers being physically assaulted on the field and the victims being unable to report the assault to the police for fear of deportation. Through this Acto I felt my writers/actors were able to shed a light on at least some of these problems and were able to open up a conversation about them. Hopefully this inspired people to stand up and take a stand when they saw others being treated this way in order to create a change and propose a  solution to these problems.


To reach our goal of raising societal awareness, My team and I created a 10-15 minute Acto preformed for an outside audience. Our team wrote the script in Spanglish and used methods of  El Teatro Campensino and Theater of Oppression to put our visual story board into action. In order to be as accurate as we could to Luis Valdez’s criteria when he preformed his Actos, we used a truck for our stage. As far as the script, our  goal was to make sure that our Acto reach these five goals that Luis Valdez’ set for his troupe:

  1. Inspire the audience to social action

  2. Illuminate specific points about social problems

  3. Satirize the opposition

  4. Show or hint at a solution

  5. Express what people are thinking

I felt by following these guidelines Luis Valdez would be proud of what we created.

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